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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring Saturday

Today the day started like a wide expanse with nothing planned in. I was determined not to get panicked by a lack of schedules, a lack of things booked in and no to-do list written.
The day started slow with paper reading, croissants and a bit of TV. No one had told me though that to-day was the day that spring would finally arrive and push away the winter winds.

With a blank page before us the garden beckoned. To-day became the spring clean of the garden.

The new arch that we bought last year has finally been made, and now stands ready to hold the sprouting clematis.

Planters empty ready to be filled....the blossom for the first time visible.

Pond clearing......(and we found some frog spawn)....

First pegs on the line.

And most of all blue sky.

Sunshine, spring, and no agenda's.  Clutter in the garden cleared,  clutter in the head banished, peace.

Happy Saturday.


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