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Monday, 24 December 2012

1 day till Christmas

Well as I write this the post I wrote eleven days ago is now true. I have found and wrapped presents, got the turkey, written and posted cards and even managed the holiday hair cut.
It shows what you can do in eleven days if you put your mind to it. In between the lists that have been done the things that have meant the most to me over the last twelve days have been the unexpected pleasure gained in things you didn't expect. Making Christmas decorations at church which was just on my to-do list but turned out to be really good fun, spending time with people I care about. Last night we had people round after the carol service, beforehand I felt so tired, and was wondering why I had ever planned to do an open house, again it was great fun due to shared relationships.
Tonight, we peeled vegetables, and sat down to eat dinner together. We are not the perfect family, but tonight we laughed and enjoyed each other's company.
Yesterday at church we were challenged that Jesus was born into mess and muddle, and how he wants to be with us in our mess and muddle. I'm glad about that, because mess and muddle is frequently where I live. But that's ok, my home does not have to be perfect this Christmas, and for that I'm grateful. I've learnt again over the last few days about being thankful and appreciating the moments that happen unplanned. It's not about ticking off the to-do list, or planning the perfect day tomorrow, its about relationship, having time to listen, and spend time with people. To be thankful for the gift of Jesus that we celebrate, and admire and learn from the courage of Mary and Joseph who were taken out of their comfort zone, defied the culture of the day but followed the call.

So, whatever you are doing tomorrow I hope you have a lovely time, and know that the mess and muddle of Christmas is the perfect place to be.


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