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Monday, 10 December 2012

coming, ready or not.

today has been one of those days i would like to do over. at a much slower pace. i'd settle for hare pace. every year it goes september, christmas. doesn't it? today brought the realisation that i only have nine working days until christmas. in many ways that is great, i'm looking forward to the break. but in others, in many work ways, it's not so great. all the work that needs to be done only fits into nine days if you work very fast, very hard and usually late. that's what i did tonight and thankfully by the end of the working day i felt as if i had made a little headway, at least enough for me to feel like i've got a head start on tomorrow.  this weekend i got my tree. family illness and tiredness precluded the decoration of it until tonight. i lit my favourite christmas scented candle, poured a glass of wine and much like jane did last night i pulled out my christmas decorations. i live in a house that has very few white walls, one day soon that might change. but until it does i love having white lights and white decorations. i festooned my tree with white lights and ceramic decorations and while the replacement of my front door is on the top five list of house jobs to be done i am hanging my wreath above my fireplace. the light display started last week when i went with my nieces and nephews to the christmas light switch on in our local village. we played around with flashing noses and antlers, waved at santa as he came through the town and helped ourselves to a glass (or two) of gluvine. it's started and it's hurtling towards us. whether we are ready or not.


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