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Thursday, 20 December 2012

5 days till Christmas

So, 5 days to go to Christmas. State of play one sick daughter (up every two hours last night whilst she burnt like a furnace) manic day at work with no chance of getting everything done in the time left available, no wrapping of presents yet done, but turkey and sprouts now ordered.

However tomorrow night work will be done for 10 days, and we will be in the middle of hosting a Christmas party. This is the second year we will have had a Christmas party, and what strikes me as strange is we never did a party in our old house, last year we moved and suddenly this is what we do every year on the Friday before Christmas. And I love that. I love that a change in scene can bring a change in how you do things. I have always wanted to have a hospitable home, and in my childhood wished we were the house that had parties, this is my way of doing something different to my parents.

Tonight Em arrived down, and it feels even with work tomorrow that Christmas has arrived early. Sitting down we started picking our favourite music, one of my favourite tracks of all time is The Killers.

I just love it, it always makes me want to sing, epitomises freedom and has enough angst to make you feel good. Tomorrow at what will be the start of the holidays I hope to dance to this, to kick back against the good and the bad of the year, and enjoy the company of friends.
First however a sick daughter needs to get better, and a few more hours of work. Not long to go.


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