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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

antlers anyone?

today has been another stupidly busy work day and to top it off; it was my choirs christmas concert tonight. i had enough time to head home, get changed, have a quiet ten minute sit down, sing some warm up scales and head out the door again. once i had collected my friend, we arrived to an excited choir room and were surprised to see an audience already forming. i had asked my sister if she wanted to come along, (she is family and a safe bet to say nice, encouraging things should we all hit the wrong note at the same time) but i also had a friend there who had invited herself along during a conversation about what we were doing in the run up to christmas. somehow that didn't seem so safe. this is a friend with access to facebook and twitter and is not afraid to status update and tweet at will. this being the first christmas concert i had done for years there were nerves but all of them were unfounded. we had a great time. we sang, laughed and joked our way through the performance and topped it off with silly headgear and wishing everyone a merry christmas. the thing about being the performer? i didn't take the pictures. this time my sister has one up on me. it is usually me that videos her kids singing and dancing. tonight the tables were turned and i can but guess the response i will get when my nieces and nephews get to see me singing merry christmas everyone with antlers on my head. there are bound to be some priceless remarks. i can't wait.


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