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Saturday, 29 December 2012


today i accompanied my lovely friend di as she did some research. we arrived in castleton early this morning. along with the rain. the forecast stated the rain was due to recede around mid-day. it did not. in fact when we were walking into the wind the rain was actually sore on our faces. it did not dampen our spirits. we had a great time. i was soaked to the skin when we had finished, we definitely deserved the mulled wine and "dirty burger" we treated ourselves to. well, when you have walked five and a half miles in the pouring rain incorporating treak cliff cavern, speedwell cavern and the blue john mine, climbed 233 steps up to mam tor which is 1695 feet high, walked down the other side in more than your fair share of mud and water, i'm sure you would agree we did too.


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