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Thursday, 13 December 2012

12 days till christmas

am i alone in this? does anyone else experience days when their car is invisible? some days you can be driving around and feel as if no one sees you. cars pull out in front of you or brake suddenly causing a chain reaction. today was an invisible car day. today was the day i was reversed into in a supermarket car park. i saw it coming. i pressed my hand hard on my horn (really, i never do that) yet still this lady reversed into me. thankfully we both drive older cars with large bumpers. reversing out of parking spaces in supermarket car parks does not involve much speed and as no damage was done we both drove off without exchanging information. i got a rub on my arm and a "sorry" before getting into my car to drive off. i was relieved there was no damage not just for myself but because i could see the stress and pressure on her face. i didn't want to be an added complication on her no doubt long list of things to do before all the shops close on christmas eve.

today was also the day of meeting up with old work friends, we hadn't seen each other since this time last year. i was complimented on how well i looked, how i looked different, different in a good way but they couldn't put their finger on it. it was lovely to have a couple of drinks and dinner, catch up on their lives, reminisce about our old working lives and where we are currently. it's amazing to me that people you spend your working day with are sometimes the people you spend the most time with. it might have been a year since we all saw each other but we slotted into our usual banter as if we saw each other yesterday. warm hugs and promises of we must do this again soon were exchanged as we left. this past year in a business sense has been hard for us all, we are all hopeful that the new year will be a slightly easier one and we will be able to make good on our promise. it's not just christmas that is hurtling towards us it's the end of the year too. tonight was actually the first time i thought about that. it was good to think beyond the next twelve days. i tried to kid myself i have more time to do everything i need to do. who am i kidding? i didn't succeed at that at all. 


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