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Saturday, 15 December 2012

10 days till christmas

yesterday i was trying to finish off my christmas shopping. well that's not strictly true, i was trying to finish off shopping for a game that has become a christmas tradition in my family. whilst trying to find the final present that would top off this modern day pass the parcel i found myself looking at cds. those of you who follow along here will know that i am into music. over the past few months i have seen advertised a young lad whose music outstrips his years. it was the kind of advert that always made me look up from what i was doing and pass comment; i want to hear more of that. yesterday morning i was listening to the radio, i didn't know what i was listening to but i liked it. a glance at the digital radio ticker told me "lighting bolt". that was all i had time to read before i had to switch off and head out to work. whilst i was looking at cds yesterday i saw the record of the young lad who i wanted to hear more of. there on the sticker on the front of the cd were the words "lighting bolt" putting two and two together i realised this was what i had heard on the radio that morning. i instantly bought it. getting home last night i listened to the record. not just that but today i you tubed it and watched the promo videos that have been released. he is being touted as the new dylan, donavan and oasis. to me someone is styling him up to be a modern day scott walker. have a look, see what you think. mr jake bugg. i'm not sure he would have come out of anywhere other than the north of england. it was a distraction from all the christmas tunes i have been hearing and singing this week. a welcome one.


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