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Friday, 21 December 2012

4 days till christmas

this week i have found myself thinking about traditions. at christmas there is a lot of repeating what you have done before, perhaps that is why at this time of year there is a greater sense of missing people you have lost through the years, repeat behaviour reinforces the gap. 

this week i have remembered; being told to go back to bed until 7am on christmas day, walking downstairs in age order with dad at the front and mum shepherding to the rear, a 10 pence piece and tangerine at the bottom of our pillowcases; the smell permeating all the presents, chocolate for breakfast, church, champagne, huge lunch, truffles, blockbuster film on tv,  the dads sleeping off lunch, games, buffet supper.

some traditions are instilled, some are collected along the way. all memory making, creating our life tapestry. 

tonight i am with jane and her family. they have created a new tradition. the tradition of opening their home to friends to party and celebrate christmas. today has involved helping getting the house ready and shopping for and preparing food. jane asked if today had been onerous to which i instantly replied no. thats the thing about traditions; new or old they are worth upholding regardless of work involved. they involve connection with others, a focus outside of yourself, a reminder of the past whilst celebrating the present and looking forward to the future.

i can hear the playlist being tested, glasses and bottles clinking and much chatter. it's time to get my party frock on and start making the next round of tradition memories. happy friday everyone.


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