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Thursday, 21 March 2013

a date with daniel

as i sit in the passport photo booth i realise how tired i am only by the images staring back at me. as i put my shopping into the boot of my car i realise how dirty it is only when the dirt rubs off onto my bags. as i sit at my desk eating my sandwich i realise my taste buds are tantalised only by the thought of a glass of my favourite chablis.

my mind and my life are full. tonight is the first night i have had to myself with nothing planned for what seems like weeks, in reality, two but it feels much longer. what am i planning on doing? ironing, my least favourite household chore. why am i planning on doing it? to get ahead of myself. the being booked up starts again tomorrow. 

this routine is all too readily repeated. so there are strategies. the wine has been bought and is chilling. skyfall has been selected as the film of choice to get me through the ironing pile. as a treat, flowers have been selected and displayed to arouse my visual eye. reeds have been turned to release aromatic oils in one room and scented candles have been lit in another. 

sometimes an evening of silently getting on with what needs to be done is all that is needed to make you feel better.*

happy thursday friends.


*as long as it's done with a glass of wine and daniel craig on the telly.

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