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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

eclectic weekend

this weekend i went fund raising for comic relief, was taken bird watching and baked a cake. just an average weekend. although it wasn't, i had travelled and spent it with friends and family, the shorthand of familiarity means it doesn't matter if you never get to the end of your stories or if multi-tasking too many tasks means the kitchen sink overflows. there is always laughter and lots of it.

this weekend started at jane and petes taking a group of kids out onto the rainy streets to do something funny for money and ended at my brothers celebrating st patricks day with a guinness inspired menu including a guinness and chocolate cake, i would highly recommend it. in-between there was a lot of socialising with friends and spending time with my nieces who are quickly becoming twitchers of the highest order. chatting to my brother i told him one of the funny for money things the kids had done was imaginary double dutch whilst wearing morph suits, that caught his imagination and we laughed heartily about it. pete filmed it so perhaps it can find it's way onto here but in the meantime here is the video i was shown as we were chatting, i knew the track but had never seen the promo, enjoy.


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