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Monday, 11 March 2013

same time, different day.

yesterday i slept late. i awoke from my final doze with a start. i had dreamt a friend i was walking along a path with had lost her footing and fallen, i could see her lifeless body way below what appeared to be a rickety path through a rundown house, it was her house, i turned and shouted for her husband. at that point i woke up. it was not the best start to the day. not least of all because i never remember my dreams; if they are all like this, i'm glad. 

this morning i woke before my alarm went off. on a work day i'm always glad when that happens, it makes for a gentler start to the day. i read and then dozed. finally getting up i saw sunshine and bright blue sky but snow on the ground. having dozed too long i decided i didn't have time to get my camera. finally showered, dressed and ready to go i went to get my coat. passing the french doors in my lounge i was stopped in my tracks. birdsong. unusually loud birdsong. i took the time to look out the window but no birds were in view; an invisible choir beautifully singing to an invisible audience.

tonight i took the time to get my camera. today was an unexpected cold day for march, sunshine and snow flurries all day. the evening light might be different to this morning, indeed every day it is different. but the sun will rise again tomorrow and we get the chance to wonder anew again.

what a difference a day makes.


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