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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter baking

My mum always made a Simnel cake at Easter, from an early age I was taught the meaning of the different parts of the Simnel cake, and why there had to be exactly eleven marzipan balls on the top. This year I'd not felt inspired to carry on the tradition, but at the request of my family on Friday the baking started. Awake at 6am, I clambered out of bed and began.

By the afternoon Ellie was explaining to me the meaning of the cake, it's funny how these traditions pass down.

Though I might make cakes I've always said I can't do puddings. Ellie however has no such inhibition's. Inspired by a TV cooking programme earlier the week she announced she was going to make Easter pavlova complete with crystallized lemon.

By Saturday the creation was complete, and looked amazing.

Where I am cautious my daughter just goes for it (like her Dad) and I love that. Whilst Easter is not about cooking it certainly added to the celebration on Easter day.


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