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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Life like a movie

This week is one of my busiest weeks at work in several months. Don't get me wrong, my work is never quiet, but this week it has ramped up to new levels. Today and tomorrow I'm working in London, rather than just 10 minutes down the road.

This morning the taxi arrived to get me to the station (I don't have time to get the bus) and as I walked to the taxi Ellie carried on down the road to walk with a friend to school. Today was lent charity day at school, so she actually walked off in a Crocodile onesie rather than school uniform. I looked wistfully back as I stepped in the taxi trying to get my work head in place. I felt like a scene from the movie 'I don't know how she does it' juggling two very different worlds. This sense became even stronger as at the station I stopped off to buy cakes that could look suitably homemade for the school cake sale on Friday that I will not have time to make.

But there the similarity between movie world and real world stops, as I'm not juggling as much stuff as Sarah Jessica Parker, and this doesn't happen every day.
Today within the dashing I've somehow seen God calling to me. Before I left this morning I read my bible for a whole 3 minutes. As I put it down I heard the whisper 'is that all the time you have for me today' , it's a question that's hung in the air all day. In the middle of one of the talks I heard today the slide came up in the middle of it which just said 'Slow down'. The conference was about education- in the middle of it I was nudged again about slowing down, of living differently, which so far has been the theme of the year.

At the end of the day back from London I was back into work, but I had to walk due to car issues. The cold air was refreshing, the space welcome.
Tomorrow morning the taxi is arriving again and I will stumble out of the door, thankful this is temporary,  and only wishing I had Sarah Jessica Parkers shoes.


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