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Friday, 8 March 2013


At the start of this year I was challenged by various blog posts to think about a word for the year, of how I would want to define this year ahead. I decided at the time it would be dependence, as too often I'm too independent, trying to get everything done on my own without sharing my life around me with the people who love me.
It was one of those things that meant a lot in January, but by March it seems to have slightly faded from the forefront of my mind.
At work we have to change details for certain things every month, and at the beginning of February as I  sat and pondered what to use the word 'rest' came into my head. This was prompted by starting to think how I could live differently on a Sunday, and the importance of building in a rest day where life was lived differently.
Through February I have tried to make Sunday different, sometimes with more success than others, and have noticed how quickly I can fill time with lots of things to do, but actually the space to be slow and push the lists to one side has been releasing. Sunday is now longed for at the end of the week, the anticipation of being able to stop, as if I now have permission to do this guilt free.
Last Friday being the 1 March I had to reset my words, and I starred into space sitting at my desk not knowing what to put. Until February I've never thought of it being something significant or something that could have meaning, its always just been a job to do, but typing in rest every morning for February had reminded me of where I was trying to get to.

So on the 1 March I pondered, then the word 'peace' came into my mind. I thought I'd go for it, though at the time did not feel the need for the prompt of peace.
Last  Saturday I drove my husband's car into our drive wall. No one was hurt, apart from the car which is now looking very battered. Fortunately my other half has been very generous about the damage that has been done, but it knocked me.
At work one of my closest friends has not been well, that has left a noticeable gap. By Tuesday stress levels were rising, Wednesday family stuff felt overwhelming and by Thursday I was wondering if I would ever manage to put anything on this blog again as I wouldn't have anything to say.
Yet my readings the last two days have reminded me to rely on God, to be dependent. To-day as I typed in peace I realised how apt that word was looking for March.
So words. This week I have realised the importance of them, and how picking one word for a week, a month or even a year can remind you of where you want  to be and give you encouragement to get there.

And this week the winter early morning light has been a gift at the start of each day, as Em said spring is coming.

Happy weekend


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