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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

todays internal jukebox

in the shower this morning i started singing. as usual the song came out of nowhere. it's a song i don't know all the words to so i started out humming it first inserting words as they came to me. under running water i realised i had heard this song a few days earlier. saturday to be exact. saturday morning i was in a car with two of my nieces and my two nephews, from behind me the voice of my six year old niece could be heard, i turned round and smiled when i realised what she was singing. i smiled even wider when she couldn't pronounce ventriloquy. the thing about having young nieces and nephews is that it's a great excuse to watch all the family films long since forgotten about and to explore more recent releases. i was first introduced to tangled by my other two nieces but now all four of them share the love of it. i have to admit to it being a guilty pleasure for me too. the other film that is still on the song radar for them is nativity. yes, i know it's march. but when you hear your two and a half year old nephew coming downstairs from his bath time with his grandma heading towards snuggling up with his granddad singing sparkle and shine to himself, well, your heart would melt too. it being march, i can't quite bring myself to post the video oh why not? everyone needs a bit of mid week sparkle and shine whatever time of year don't they? 

happy wednesday everyone.


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