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Sunday, 10 March 2013

snapshot of this week


this week has been busy. a work colleague welcomed his forth child into the world prematurely. mother and baby are now home and doing well but for our small team the work load doubled resulting in work days moving at warp speed

outside of work the choir i am part of had our first ever gig. we are a new choir who have only ever performed previously for friends and family. with our ranks being depleted due to illness and holidays we were understandably nervous but practices and rehearsals paid off. as we stood on stage behind a dark heavy curtain awaiting our announcement, i couldn't help but notice part of the curtain was held together with safety pins. that calmed me, knowing the audience saw a beautiful curtain, they didn't know it was held together with pins. i mentally pinned my safety pins on and put my nerves to one side. the announcement was made, the curtain opened, the lights shone so bright we couldn't see the faces of the audience, the piano started and we sung. and sung well. and quickly. it felt like i had entered warp speed again. if you had told me at the start of the year i'd be performing a queen medley that included bohemian rhapsody publicly i wouldn't have believed you but not only did we do that but we enjoyed it too.

making it to the weekend there was no time to relax. yesterday saw an early start as we headed to wales to see mum to celebrate mothers day. the weather might not have played ball but aside from grey skies and cold temperatures it was good to be together; to spend time and eat and chat together. oh, and if you can find any eighty-six year old dessert wine or if you have a family member who is friends with a wine connoisseur who is not only happy to share it with them but with you, i can highly recommend it. it finished off our mothers day meal perfectly.


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